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High Cholesterol Travel Insurance

Many people think that having a medical condition such as raised or high cholesterol will increase the cost of their travel insurance to an unaffordable level. At Insurancewith we have a specific travel insurance policy covering high or raised cholesterol; our bespoke medical screen system allows us to tailor the quote to the person enabling us to full assess the risk, which makes our premiums far more affordable. Raised and high cholesterol can sometimes be linked with other medical conditions such as:

  • Stroke
  • Mini stroke or TIA
  • Heart attack
  • Narrowing of the arteries

Which is why it is important you ensure that any claims directly or indirectly related to your raised cholesterol are covered under your travel insurance policy. Even if you cholesterol level is well controlled by medication or diet, it is still regarded as a pre-existing medical condition and should be declared to ensure full cover. By declaring high or raised cholesterol to us and taking out the appropriate travel insurance with cholesterol cover, all medical cost will be covered by your policy, including:

  • Emergency medical treatment up to £10 million
  • Medical consultations
  • Medication
  • Examinations and tests
  • Medical repatriation

We have over 15 years of experience in providing affordable travel insurance for people with medical conditions and because of our expertise and knowledge we are a recommended travel insurance provider for many hospitals, doctors and charities. Should the unexpected happen and you have a medical emergency on holiday we have the expertise and global network to make sure your emergency is dealt with swiftly and calmly and by liaising with your UK doctors or consultants we can ensure that any treatment given abroad is the correct one for you.

It is easy and hassle free to get a quote and buy a policy with Insurancewith. You can medically screen yourself online, quote and buy the policy or you can call our UK Customer Care Centre on 02038 293 875 where one of our specially trained operatives will go through the quote and medical screening with you.

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Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies, to suit your travelling needs;

Optional Extras

Depending on your chosen policy, you can select from several optional extras in the checkout including;

  • Golf Extension
  • Fishing Extension
  • Wedding Extension
  • Cruise Extension
  • Hundreds of Sports & Activities
  • And many more…

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High Cholesterol Info

Most people with higher cholesterol tend to have it under control with medication and because it’s not a condition you would have to deal with on a day to day basis, patients often don’t declare it to their travel insurance provider because they think it’ll lead to unnecessary higher premiums.

However, with Insurancewith medical travel insurance, we don’t hike up premiums unless the risk of you going away with your condition has an amount of risk attached to it, so adding high cholesterol shouldn’t greatly increase the cost of your insurance. It’s absolutely essential to travel with insurance which covers your condition no matter what type of medical situation you have. Should something happen whilst you were away that was linked to high cholesterol and you hadn’t declared the condition to your travel insurer, any travel insurance you might have bought could be declared invalid and you could end up receiving an expensive medical bill.

Whether you’re looking for a single trip, longstay or an annual multi-trip policy, we can help provide you with extensive medical cover insuring you for any conditions you might have, including high cholesterol. Our bespoke medical screening system allows us to tailor the quote to the person, enabling us to fully assess your individual risk, and offer you a fair and affordable quote.

Insurancewith have years of experience in insuring those with medical conditions, so we understand the complications and additional conditions which can go hand-in-hand with having high cholesterol, so other conditions such as previous strokes, narrowing of arteries and heart attacks can also be included in your cover.

Should something unexpected happen whilst you’re away, we have the team and the expertise to guide you through your situation calmly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on recovering without having the hassle or stress of thinking about money.


If you have a question you need answering, why not take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of the team will be waiting to help.

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