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If you’re over 50, you might be finding the cost of your travel insurance creeping up, but at Insurancewith we strive to keep things fair and inclusive. We ask questions that ensure the price you’re given accurately reflects you and your trip, making sure you never pay more than you should.

Our cover for medical conditions is specialist and award-winning, but most importantly we put you at the heart of everything that we do so that you can rest-assured knowing that your next trip is in safe hands. Whether you’re planning a single trip, multi-trip, long stay, cruise or winter sports holiday- we have a range of policies for you to choose from.

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To find the most appropriate cover for you, we would suggest you have the following information readily available;

Policy Benefits for Over 50s

All Insurancewith customers can benefit from the same great cover, including:

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Why Choose Insurancewith?

Insurancewith know first-hand the restrictions and constraints many travellers face when trying to find reasonably priced medical travel insurance.

In fact, Insurancewith was founded by Fiona Macrae, a professional insurance broker, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2005. She was faced with an array of problems when attempting to obtain travel insurance, despite her expertise and industry knowledge.

From her own experiences, she founded Insurancewith, whose mission it is to provide affordable and straightforward medical travel insurance.

87%*of our customers rated us 5 star
1000'sof medical conditions covered
Charity Donation with every policy sold
£10mcover for medical emergencies
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Our Medical Questions Explained

At Insurancewith, we use specialist medical risk rating tool Protectif, which allows us to accurately assess the ‘risk’ posed by your condition(s) and offer a tailored quotation.

Our website will guide you through the process of declaring your medical conditions to us, to ensure that you’ll be fully covered in case of a medical claim abroad. Whether you have asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis or diabetes after completing your quote online, you will instantly be able to see whether you can get a policy.

Travel Tips For The Over 50s

At Insurancewith, we pride ourselves on offering wide-ranging cover for all age groups, including the over 50s. We feel that you should have affordable and accurate cover, to give you added peace of mind on your holiday destination.

If you have any questions visit our FAQs page to find your answer. You can also contact us via email, live chat or phone if you have any queries.

*Based upon Trustpilot’s 2019 data.