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Why Insurancewith

Insurancewith are a specialist travel insurance provider for those with pre-existing medical conditions. As insurers with over 30 years experience in the travel insurance industry, we believe in offering all types of travellers with fair and affordable premiums in return for providing easy and wide-ranging cover, and our policies have been created by experts who have personal experience in pre-existing medical conditions.

By using our experience with providing travel insurance to those with medical conditions, we have worked with our underwriters to provide a unique medical screening process which assesses a person’s actual risk for their medical situation as opposed to the perceived risk associated with that condition. This means we can offer customers extensive and affordable cover.

We’re proud to have been a finalist in the UK Broker’s Awards 2011, and thrilled to have won the 2013 Insurance Times Broker Innovation of the Year Award. Receiving acknowledgement of what we do was a real seal of approval and we look forward to doing more for those travelling with pre-existing medical conditions in the future.

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