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More gene links to Diabetes found

New findings about diabetes recently published by the journal “Nature Genetics” will make interesting reading for many of our diabetic travel insurance customers. The journal reports that scientists have discovered a number of genes that dramatically increase the risk of diabetes. The latest 10 genes discovered brings the total linked to diabetes to over 60, and this now provides a fuller picture of the biological processes underlying Type 2 diabetes.

Being able to look at all the gene regions together will enable doctors to establish those who are more at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, meaning preventive measures can be taken.
This is an exciting discovery, and considering that Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% of the diabetes cases in the UK an important one as well. If left untreated it can cause numerous health problems, such as blindness, circulation problems and kidney failure, so treating early can make a big difference.

We would always advise anyone with diabetes travelling abroad, particularly to hot climates to ensure they have diabetes travel insurance in place. Hot climates can increase the risk of your feet getting hot and sticky, leading to blisters or fungal infections, and foot infections can spread quickly in people with diabetes. High factor sun cream (factor 15 or above) should also be worn, as sun burn can stress the body and destabilise diabetes. As with these new findings prevention is better than the cure, so by planning and taking preventative steps diabetes can be a very manageable condition.

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