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More fruit and veg reduce chances of cancer

Fruit and vegetables have been linked to reducing the risk of bladder cancer in women, which is great news.

We all knew that fruit and vegetables are good for us, but not many of us realised they could be important in trying to prevent bladder cancer. Whilst we hear every day about a different food or drink that is linked to creating cancer, it’s not often we hear a story about consuming something which helps prevent it.

It’s been found that alongside the famous antioxidants that are widely advertised as The Best Thing for your health, tiny nutrients known as phytochemicals also help fruit and vegetables potentially protect the body and fight against cancer. Found in plant foods, phytochemicals protect cells against hormones and external variables known to alter the cell growth and encourage it to mutate into cancer.

Whilst eating healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables might not completely prevent bladder cancer from occurring, or in some cases reoccurring. It’s worth noting that eating healthily certainly isn’t a guarantee against cancer, it can help stack up the odds against it returning, which is all important.

It’s now known that women who eat more yellow-orange fruit and veg are 52% less likely of developing invasive bladder cancer, than their male counterparts, and women with a higher consumption of vitamins A, C and E- all found liberally in fruit and veg – are the least likely to develop bladder cancer as the vitamins lessen the probability of malignant tumour growth.

Unfortunately, the same consumption of greens doesn’t alter the rate of men who contract bladder cancer, as even with regular consumption of fruit and veg, it doesn’t lower the risk of bladder cancer development. Researchers are now looking into methods which might reduce the number of bladder cancer cases in men.

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