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Men’s hockey team get kit off for cancer charity calendar

Baring it all in the name of a charity calendar is now a great way of raising funds for charities and other fundraising efforts, but the Hampstead and Westminster Hockey Club men’s first team have stripped with nothing but a carefully places stick or trophy to hide their modesty.

The team first came up with the idea of a naked calendar to help raise money for a cancer organisation after one of their teammates was diagnosed and treated for the disease.

Martin Scanlon was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma just two years ago. The disease affects the lymphatic system, and is relatively unheard of throughout the general public, despite being the fifth most common cancer in the UK. Martin’s brother Ian, still plays for the club as goalkeeper.

Sixteen members of the team took part in the calendar shoot, including one Olympian sportsman.

First team captain Toby Roche, 26, told the MailOnline that when thinking of how to raise a significant amount of money for one of their club pitches to be re-laid, the team wanted to do something a bit more fun and different.

“We wanted to do something a bit different. Our old goalkeeper Ian, who still plays for the club, inspired the idea. His brother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma about two years ago, he used to play for the club as well. We wanted to do something to raise money for a charity as well as the club.”

The proceeds of the calendar will be donated to the club’s charity of choice – the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Foundation.

So far, the hockey team have managed to sell 200 of the 350 original calendars they originally printed. Currently, the team are selling copies of the calendar for £10 on their ebay page, and at Paddington Sports Club, where the hockey team are based.

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