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Cervical Cancer Prevention week

Next week sees the start of this year’s cervical cancer prevention week and as the name suggests, cervical cancer can be prevented, which is why promoting this week is so important.  According to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, in 2010, 20% of women did not take up their invitation for cervical screening, and more shockingly, only 50% of girls offered the HPV vaccine (human papilloma virus can cause cervical cancer in some people) in the catch up programme, elected to have the injection, which could potentially save their lives.
At Insurancewith we have covered 1000’s of women for cervical cancer travel insurance, so this is a cause close to our hearts. After cancer treatment the one thing you want to do is go on holiday.  From my experience with cancer the holiday was a way to get some normality back in my life, getting away from the round of hospital and doctors appointments and the reminders at home that you have cancer. Knowing this, is what spurred me on to provide affordable travel insurance for people with cancer. So let’s all get behind this year Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which this year will raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer to look out for, as early detection is the key to a better survival rate. So ladies make sure you do attend your screenings when called and spread the word, we all know a smear test is not the most pleasant 5 minutes you can spend, but it could just save your life!
Cervical Cancer Awareness Prevention week 20-26thJanuary 2013 there is lots more information on Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust web site.

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