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Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

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As exciting as a trip away can be, there is always a fair amount of organising and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. If you have a medical condition (sometimes known as a pre-existing medical condition) this does have to be factored in, however, it shouldn’t stop you from travelling and exploring new places. By having travel insurance that protects you and your trip, it means there is one less thing to think about.

Many travel insurance providers either refuse to cover some medical conditions or quote a premium that can often cost more than the cost of the holiday. Here at Insurancewith, we do things a little differently. We look beyond the diagnosis and treat everyone on an individual basis, providing policies that suit your situation.

Insurancewith works with charities, clinical specialists and existing customers to fully understand the conditions we are covering.  This enables us to provide a bespoke medical screening using our specialist Protectif questions to offer cover to individuals which are tailored to their needs.

Rated 9.5/10 on Trustpilot

From, over 4456 customer reviews

Why do you need medical travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides the reassurance, that should something happen whilst you’re away, you’re protected. The last thing anyone needs to is to be faced with a ridiculously expensive medical bill when they return home from their trip, or need to cancel their holiday and be left out of pocket.

If you do have a medical condition it’s important that you take out of policy with higher cover levels, especially for medical expenses. It’s always better to be on the safe side and go away knowing that should something happen, you’re protected.

Our medical travel insurance includes cover for the following:

Can I get travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?

Everyone is different, so no travel insurance premium should be the same. To ensure you are quoted for a policy which offers the right cover for you, it’s important that you declare any medical conditions. If a medical condition is not declared, then any claims that arise as a result may not be approved, given that the full situation was not made clear to the insurer.  We don’t like calling them pre-existing medical conditions (as we don’t think the term is especially clear), but that’s what you may see them referred to as.

At Insurancewith, we know the reality of a medical condition can vary from person to person. So we don’t pigeon hole people into similar boxes, instead, we ask for information on your medical history and medication you take. This way, we are able to offer a fair premium for a policy which will protect both you and your trip.

We cover an array of medical conditions, including:

Not only could other insurers charge you a lot more, but there could also be medical cover exclusions or limits imposed on you. That’s not how we think travel should be – your holidays should be spent doing the things you love.

Why choose Insurancewith?

Our common-sense approach to medical travel cover has been recognised by industry peers and customers alike. We want to make it easier for more people to travel. Many of those we’ve helped talk about how they’d almost given up with the idea of getting away. We understand that getting away and knowing you’re protected should something unexpected occur has a real impact.

99%of our customers rated us 5 star
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How much does medical travel insurance cost?

The cost of your travel insurance will vary depending on a number of factors, with age, destination and trip duration playing a significant part in this. There is no one-price-fits all figure which covers everyone – which is why Insurancewith offers policies which reflect you and your needs individually.

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How to declare your medical condition?

A medical declaration is part of our online quote process. In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote, you’ll need to answer these questions as openly and honestly as possible.

You’ll be asked about your medical history and what medications you take. You will then be sent through to a set of specialist questions relevant to your condition. This will allow you to declare any necessary details and receive a tailored quote based on our assessment. You can do this all online or call us if you prefer and one of our friendly team will assist you.

If you do decide to call, all medical declarations are carried out by a team of trained professionals. We understand these questions can seem invasive, so we will always treat you sensitively and like a human being. There’s no pressure to rush through questions; we take the time to understand your situation and to ensure you have the right cover in place for your trip.

Getting our specialist medical travel insurance, you’ll benefit from:

To ensure you can enjoy stress-free holidays with our policies, we offer the following benefits:

Along with the above, you can feel reassured knowing that we offer:

  • Award-winning medical travel cover
  • Discounts for couples, families and single parent families
  • 14-day cooling off period
  • Cancellation cover of up to £5,000
  • Optional wintersports cover
  • Cruise extensions

Top tips for travelling with a medical condition

At Insurancewith, we believe everyone deserves a holiday and a medical condition should not determine your travel plans.

If you are going away with a medical condition, here are a couple of tips to bear in mind:

Do your research: Depending on your medical condition you may need to consider certain factors to find the perfect destination. For example, if accessibility is important to you, then look into where there is public transport and if so, does it have wheelchair access? Consider whether the roads are mainly uphill, the weather – the list goes on.

Vaccinations: Certain destinations require vaccinations prior to visiting. If you are on medication it is important to make sure you can still have the vaccination. It’s best to speak to your doctor, prior to your trip, making sure you give yourself enough time to get any vaccinations, should you need them. For more information on vaccinations you may need, visit The NHS website.

Medications: We advise taking more medication than necessary in case you are delayed coming home for whatever reason. You should pack your medication in your hand luggage just so if you’re checked-in bag gets lost or delayed, you will not be left without any medication. Be sure to have all medication in its original packaging with a prescription and check prior to departure that the medication you are taking is legal in the country you’re visiting.

Listen to your body: You know yourself better than anyone and whilst you may want to make everyone happy on holiday, it is important that you think about what is best for you. Don’t push yourself – enjoy your holiday however best suits you.

How our medical travel insurance screening works

We’ve worked hard to make sure our insurance premiums reflect the real risk of medical conditions. Using our bespoke Protectif Medical Risk Rating software, we can get a thorough understanding of your specific situation. It’s one of the industry’s closest things to a personally-underwritten travel insurance policy.

The medical declaration is part of our online quote process. You’ll be asked what medications you take and sent through to a set of specialist questions relevant to your condition. This’ll allow you to declare the necessary details and receive a tailored quote based on our assessment. You can do this all online or call us if you prefer.

If you do decide to call, all medical declarations are carried out by a team of trained professionals. We understand these questions can seem invasive, so we will always treat you sensitively and like a human being. There’s no pressure to rush through questions; we take the time to understand your situation and to ensure you have the right cover in place for your trip.

What is considered a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition can be defined as an injury, illness, disease or legally acknowledged condition which has been certified as existing prior to a medical screening.


To break it down further, a pre-existing condition can be identified as:

Check out our guide to travelling with a medical condition to find out more.


Dependent on your medical situation, you can get cover anywhere in the world. There may be some instances where we suggest alternative destinations that may be on based on medical assistance or repatriation.

If there is any change in your health after you have purchased a policy, please let us know. We may ask you a couple of questions based on your new medical condition diagnosis and treatment, and your policy price or medical excess may increase slightly.

Insurancewith asks you for your medication, height and weight and condition information when going through a quote. Dependent on your condition, we may also ask you detailed questions about things such as oxygen saturation levels (if you have a breathing condition), blood pressure readings (if you have high blood pressure) or blood counts, for example.

No, pregnancy does not count as a medical condition. If you have any complications or other medical conditions arising from your pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, you will need to declare these during the medical questionnaire section of your quote.

If you’re awaiting a new condition to be diagnosed, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find cover for that condition. As the underwriter is unable to determine the risk of that condition, we cannot always provide an appropriate rate for that risk

Whilst not declaring your medical conditions might seem appealing (no medical questionnaires to answer!), if you need medical treatment abroad you could find yourself having to pay the bill. This is because travel insurance companies won’t cover claims related to existing medical conditions that you haven’t declared on the policy.

And this isn’t just claims that related directly to your condition. Let’s break this down. If you were on a specific type of cancer treatment that thins your bones (i.e. Arimidex) (but remember, you didn’t declare cancer on your policy) and you fell and broke your leg whilst abroad, we will not pay your claim. This is because the reason for the break could be due to the cancer medication making your bones more fragile, which wasn’t covered under your policy.

Yes, definitely. A terminal condition doesn’t mean that you can’t go on holiday or get cover for your trip. Although some providers may deem you as being ‘too ill’, at Insurancewith we know that more and more people are living with a terminal condition every day – and why should that stop you from going on holiday? We provide cover for thousands of people with a terminal diagnosis every year.

All our benefits revolve around you getting abroad with less hassle. We’re one of the only travel insurance companies to provide high levels of cover for medical, disability or mobility equipment. This includes:

Other FAQs

We cover medical conditions that are notoriously difficult to get cover for. As such, many of the questions we get asked are shared by others. Check out our FAQs and contact us for further help.

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that existed previous to a insurance policy being taken out.

If you’ve been diagnosed, needed any treatment, medication, consultation or follow-up then we would need you to declare this to us as part of the online quote process. You need to disclose these details – even if you think they don’t affect your daily life.

If you decide to cancel the trip after being diagnosed with a new medical condition, you’ll need to provide evidence from your doctor stating you’re not fit to travel. You should then be covered under the cancellation clause of your policy.

However, if you decide to go ahead with the trip as planned, you must bear in mind that things do get a little more complicated. You should remember, we may not be able to pay any claims when anyone has travelled:

  • Against the advice of a doctor
  • If they know they’ll need treatment while on the holiday
  • If they are awaiting test results or treatment

If you travel under any of the circumstances above, your insurance may become void if you need to make a claim.

In this situation, you would need to provide evidence from your doctor that you’re unfit to take a trip. As long as this related to a brand new condition or a condition which we had accepted cover for in writing, we will be able to consider your claim and refund your pre-paid trip costs

Yes, Insurancewith will consider offering cover for any terminal condition. You will need to go through the online quote process or give us a call to allow us to assess your individual situation and provide you with a policy.

Yes. It’s the first question you’ll be asked, as we need to know about all medical conditions in order to accurately assess your situation and give you the right cover.

Yes, you can. You don’t have to call us if you don’t want to and can complete the online form from the comfort of your own home. Simply answer the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge – you can always speak to your GP or medical practice if necessary to get a little extra information.

It’s worth talking to your GP about your travel plans 2 months or more before your holiday. They can let you know if special arrangements are needed. For more information please visit this NHS guide on taking medicine abroad.

You will not need to show us a doctor’s certificate upon purchasing your policy, but make sure your doctor or GP has confirmed that you have fit to travel. You may, however, need to present it in the event of a claim.



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