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Insurancewith came about following Fiona’s story, and her experience with cancer, but we haven’t stopped there. We’ve continued to provide affordable policies to thousands of people with varying and extensive medical histories each year.

As a team, we have over 45 years experience in the travel insurance industry, and it’s not just cancer that we specialise in anymore. We believe that anyone has the right to travel, that having a medical condition doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have peace of mind on your holiday like everyone else, and that your travel insurance policy shouldn’t cost more than your holiday.

For over 10 years now, we’ve worked closely with charities, medical specialists and most importantly, our customers, to refine our medical screening process. By asking relevant and up-to-date questions about conditions, lifestyle, and how you feel within yourself, we can accurately assess how you’re doing and give you a quote for bespoke cover that hasn’t been inflated at the mention of a medical condition. We look at the actual risk instead of the perceived risk, and in doing so can reduce some premiums out customers have been quoted by up to 90%*.

In fact, out of the small amount of money we do make from each policy, £1 goes to the charities that help support people like our customers every day.

The fact that we’ve helped thousands of people get affordable travel insurance is beginning to be recognised too; in 2011, we were a finalist in the UK Broker’s Awards. In 2013, we won the Insurance Times Broker Innovation of the Year Award for our medical screening system, and in 2016, we won Bronze for Best Travel Insurance Provider at the prestigious British Travel Awards.

Receiving acknowledgement of what we do was a real seal of approval and we look forward to doing more for those travelling with pre-existing medical conditions in the future.

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*As per data from Customer Testimonials

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