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‘Smart insulin’ provides hope for diabetes patients

New research has encouraged scientists working towards treatment for diabetes. A team of scientists are hopeful that newly-developed ‘smart-insulins’ could help completely transform the current way in which diabetics manage their condition.

Instead of the usual blood tests and injections of insulin throughout the day to help keep blood sugar levels under control, a single dose of smart insulin daily would keep circulating through the blood and ‘switch on’ when needed.

The smart insulin works by binding to proteins in the bloodstream, but whilst they are attached to these, they are switched ‘off’. As soon as the smart insulin detects that blood sugar is rising, it signals for glucose to lock onto the smart insulin and switches on.

Dr Chou from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology helped develop the scientifically-modified insulin and stated: “My goal is to make life easier and safer for diabetics. This is an important advance in insulin therapy.”

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity which is partnered with Insurancewith and to whom we contribute a portion from each policy, has also been funding work into smart insulins for diabetics.

Karen Addington is the Chief Executive of the foundation in the UK and said, “For many people living with Type 1 diabetes, achieving good blood glucose control is a daily battle. Taking too much insulin can often drive someone’s glucose too low, leading to a ‘hypo’, while taking too little means glucose levels rise too high, which can have a serious cumulative health impact in the long term.”

Although years of deeper research and development of the drug will be needed before the smart insulin becomes available to people with Type 1 diabetes everywhere, the research which has discovered this easier and more efficient way of dealing with insulin management will have a huge effect on many lives.

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