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Exciting advances in treatment of prostate cancer

A new treatment for men with advanced and aggressive prostate cancer which has spread to the bone is being pioneered by scientists at Queen’ University Belfast. The treatment combines traditional chemotherapy and two does of a radioactive chemical which can target areas of the bone affected by the cancer.

Aggressive and advanced prostate cancer is responsible for around 10,000 deaths each year in the UK, so although this development in treatment has just finished the first phase of its trial, it is encouraging to know that the combined treatments are safe and could improve outcomes for men with advanced prostate cancer.

At Insurancewith keeping up to date with advances in cancer treatment is essential, it enables us to keep our travel insurance with cancer cover medical screening questions relevant to our cancer travel insurance customers.
Cancer is now becoming a very treatable condition and by recognising this and understanding new treatments and outcomes we are able to offer far more affordable travel insurance for cancer patients.


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