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What is Air Doctor Connect?

It’s a service that comes included for free with all Insurancewith Travel Insurance policies, powered by Air Doctor. It gives you access to more than 20,000 doctors globally while you’re on holiday abroad.

If you purchase single-trip or backpacker cover, we’ll give you details of how to access the service before your trip. For annual multi-trip cover, we’ll send you instructions when your policy starts.

Holiday medical support 24/7 – all just a click away

There’s no worse feeling than getting sick on holiday. Finding help when you do can sometimes be stressful too. This service can make it easier for you:

Get help 24/7 

Find the doctor you need whilst abroad through the internet or download the app.

Worldwide support

Get help from selected medical experts around the world.

Choose your time and place

Be seen at a doctor, your hotel or on an online video consultation.

No language barriers 

All medical support given is in your preferred language. So, there are no language barriers.

Nothing to pay

If you use Air Doctor Connect for outpatient treatment, not only will we waive your excess, but there will be nothing for you to pay and claim back later, as Air Doctor Connect will bill your insurer directly. The only thing you may need to pay for and claim later is any medication the treating doctor writes you a prescription for.

Pick up medication nearby

Choose a prescribing doctor and then if required collect prescriptions from a pharmacy close to your location.

Cashless and claimless

For GP or outpatient treatment, you won’t pay any excess and there’s no claims forms to complete.

How Air Doctor Connect works:

  1. Download Air Doctor App on Google Play Store or Apple iStore or use the website

One click gets you into Air Doctor.

  1. Select the specialty

You can select the relevant specialty per your needs.

  1. Find a medical expert

The service offers a list of available doctors nearby your location.

  1. Book your appointment

Choose to be seen at a doctor, your hotel or by video call. Your prescription will be sent to a local pharmacy.

  1. In case you need to be hospitalized:

If you a need to go to hospital, your case will be transferred to our appointed 24/7 emergency medical assistance team. You can read more about how this service works here.

How do I use Air Doctor Connect?

It’s easy to start using the service. You’ll just need:


FAQs about Air Doctor Connect

In which cases can I use Air Doctor Connect, and in which cases should I not?

Air Doctor Connect is for outpatient medical care only. This includes any non-emergency medical services – anything from general practitioners to paediatrics. If an online or in-person consultation concludes that in-patient care is required, then Air Doctor Connect work alongside the insurers’ Emergency Medical Assistance team to handle that transition. Of course, if you require immediate emergency care, you should go directly to a hospital or an emergency clinic and contact 0333 005 1065 to alert the assistance team so they can support you ASAP.


How do I verify the registered insurance coverage?

  • In the Air Doctor app, head to the top left menu.
  • Then select “My Coverage” to view the details of your existing insurance policy.


How can I link my insurance coverage in the app?

To do this follow these steps:

  • In the Air Doctor app, head to the menu bar in the top left.
  • Select the “My Coverage” option.
  • At the bottom of your screen, select “Add Coverage”.
  • Enter your insurance policy details.
  • As soon as your profile has been validated, you will get a notification to let you know that your coverage has been successfully added.

If you are having issues registering your policy details, please head to the “Contact Us” section in the Air Doctor app to get assistance from our Customer Care team or contact Insurancewith customer services on 0333 005 1062.


What is Air Doctor Connect’s customer support availability and what are the communication channels?

  • The Air Doctor Connect Customer Care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year and offers multi-lingual support.
  • The Customer Care team can provide assistance via phone, email, WhatsApp, and live chat.

Please Note: Phone assistance is guaranteed 24/7 in English only. Air Doctor can usually assist in other languages, but it might not be available all the time.


What should I do if I’m having an issue with my policy registration?

We hope you won’t have any issues if you click on the link we send you. Nevertheless, if you do encounter issues then first, you should verify that the policy number is correctly registered and that all your verification information is entered in the Air Doctor app. If you are still experiencing issues with policy registration and profile validation, please head to the “Contact Us” section in the Air Doctor app to get assistance from their Customer Care team or contact Holidaysafe customer services on 0333 005 1062.


What should I do if I have two valid policies at the same time?

On the main screen of the Air Doctor app, you will see two sections: on the right is a list of policy beneficiaries, and on the left is a list of policies. Simply select the policy relevant to your current trip from the list of policies to ensure you use Air Doctor Connect’s services through the right policy.


Can I make use of the app 24/7?

Yes, the app works 24/7 (as well as the Customer Care team) to ensure you can access timely medical services. If you require immediate emergency care, you should go directly to a hospital or an emergency clinic.


What languages can I receive my medical care in?

Air Doctor Connect has an extensive doctor’s network, consisting of over 20,000 doctors, in 78 countries across the globe, including the most popular destinations such as: US, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Thailand, and Nepal. The doctors in our network speak a wide range of languages, ensuring that travellers can find one locally who speaks either their native language or one in which they are comfortable conducting a consultation.

When browsing for doctors in the app, simply filter your search by your preferred language to find a doctor who can assist you. When scheduling telemedicine (online) consultations, you can also select your preferred language when you make the appointment request. Our telemedicine service is offered in 21 languages. If you are unable to find a doctor who speaks your preferred language, please head to the “Contact Us” section in the Air Doctor app to get assistance from our Customer Care team.


Is my electronic prescription valid anywhere in the world?

You will be able to check with your doctor if they can prescribe a valid prescription in your current location. Make sure with the selected doctor before your consultation if they can provide a prescription based on your electronic prescription.