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After you have been diagnosed with lung cancer you will have to consider many things that previously hadn’t been an issue. One of these things is finding holiday insurance with lung cancer cover; you will find lots of contradicting advice about travelling with lung cancer, particularly if you are travelling by air. Many travel insurance providers don’t fully understand lung cancer (small cell or non small cell), the different stages, spreads or severity and therefore either decline to cover it or charge extremely high premiums.

However at Insurancewith we are different, we have a bespoke medical screening system which asks more detailed questions about your condition, its severity and stage, enabling you to obtain a lung cancer travel insurance quote tailored specifically to your needs and the premium is based on the risk you pose not the perceived risk of cancer. You can obtain a quote online by simply clicking on the Get a Quote button to begin. Please make sure you have a list of your medications and what they are for, as well as the dates of any recent treatment ready.

Our Insurancewith lung cancer holiday insurance policy has many benefits, such as up to £10 million of medical and repatriation cover for the duration of your trip and is automatically extended should you not be able to travel home as planned, either due to flight delay or medical necessity.

Other benefits include:

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“Thinking we would never get abroad again we didn’t even renew our passports, luckily my daughter didn’t give up and found Insurancewith, their quote for a 10 day break was £119! “

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Lung Cancer Info

Important things to check and do

  • Ask your GP or consultant for a letter to carry in your hand luggage with details of your condition and medication.
  • Carry your inhalers in your hand luggage not in your suitcase
  • Distances to departure gates can be quite long. If you get breathless when walking, make sure you have help when you get to their airport, disabled assistance at airports can be arranged but you will need to organise this in advance of your travel dates, you should do this well in advance at peak travel times.
  • When you check with your GP about flying please make sure you inform them what sort of flight it is i.e. long haul/short haul. Long haul flights carry health risks for anyone, due to the health effects of long periods sitting without much exercise, deep vein thrombosis(DVT) can develop; this is increased for people with lung cancer who are more prone to DVT’s (clots in the veins).
  • When you are in the aeroplane try to move about every hour or so and exercise your legs. Sitting for too long can lead to blood clots in the legs.
  • Drink plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks during the flight.

Air travel if you need oxygen

If you’re normal blood oxygen levels are so low that air travel may be a problem for you (as advised by a medical professional), you may still be able to travel by air, if oxygen is provided for you. Most airlines can organise additional oxygen, but most will charge and different airlines have different charges; check with each one before you arrange your flight.

If booking through an agent you can get your travel agent to arrange this for you, it is best to get this sorted before you pay for any flights. You cannot presume that your plane will have extra oxygen on board. They carry emergency supplies but not enough for several hours. If you have your own medical supplies you will need permission from the airline to take it/them on board as well as permission to use any electrical equipment you need for your treatment. Equipment must be battery driven, and you will not be allowed to use it during takeoff or landing.

When you get there

It is advised that although you are on holiday and by all means relax, please consider your health and abilities when out and about so you do not worsen your condition. However should you need medical attention whilst on your holiday our appointed 24-hour emergency assistance team are there to help you receive the right treatment at the most appropriate hospital for your needs. In the event of an emergency our chief medical officer will liaise with the treating Doctor and your specialist to ensure any treatment received whilst on your trip is not detrimental to your continued treatment at home. If necessary, they will also make arrangements for alternative travel and accommodation for you and your family until you are fit to return home. This is because we understand that when you are on holiday and if you are unfortunate enough to require treatment; it is distressing enough without having to worry about organising how to get home in an unfamiliar country.

You can obtain a free Lung cancer travel insurance quote online or by telephone 0333 005 1066. To obtain a quote you will need to provide all of your medical details, diagnosis/treatment dates with details of recent chemotherapy, radiotherapy as well as any recent surgery such as, Lobectomy or Pneumonectomy. We will also ask you details of any medication you take such as what steroids, antibiotics or breathing apparatus that you use for your lung cancer, so it is advisable to have a note of these to hand too. We have over 15 years experience insuring people with lung cancer and know the actual risks of travelling abroad with this condition, so you can be assured we will provide you with the most appropriate lung cancer travel insurance policy for your needs.


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