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Living with cancer

Encouraging reports in the media describe cancer as a disease which many of us will learn to live with rather than die from. Experts predict big falls in the number of deaths from cancer so many more of us will need to adapt their lives to accommodate on-going long term treatment regimes. And many more of us will survive this life changing diagnosis to be treated and lead normal lives including taking a holiday or two each year.

Prof Peter Johnson of Cancer Research UK said: “Our latest figures show that for the first time in the last four decades cancer deaths among people aged 50-59 have dropped below 14,000 a year.”
For those of us who have a cancer diagnosis travel insurance for cancer patients is vital to afford us peace of mind when we are away from home.
Travel Insurers, like most of us used to be frightened of the risks and often simply refused to offer adequate cancer travel insurance cover even for those whose disease was in remission. There was a tendency to treat all cancer sufferers as if they were about to collapse in a heap!  Nowadays cancers of all types are so much better understood and most of those whose cancer is caught early can look forward to family holidays for years to come.
There are few instances where anything about the travel plans is likely to affect the stability of a treated cancer, but those who have had metastatic cancer might wish to select their holiday destination with care, making sure that there are local hospitals with adequate facilities close by in case anything worries them while they are away. It might not be ideal for example to be on a tiny Greek Island or in a remote third world destination.
But where ever you ramble, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions covered and before you leave add the 24 hour medical emergency number into your mobile contacts list so that help will be just a phone call away should you need advice or practical assistance.
Thanks again to Tricia Pearson-Tietema our Head of Medical Underwriting for today’s blog.
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