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Top five ski resorts in the world for expert skiers

Best-selling author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book ‘Outliers’ about the ‘10,000-hour rule’; claiming that the only way to achieve world-class expertise in any skill is by practicing the correct way for a total of 10,000 hours.

That’s a long time to be on the slopes, but expert skiers will tell you that it’s not hard when you love what you’re doing. Skiers are as passionate as hobbyists come, and experts in particular take it very seriously. But when you’ve put in your hours and have gained expert status, where do you go from there? Literally? Where should you go to continue testing yourself? Read more

Top tips for first-time snowboarders

Skiing is great fun, but it’s snowboarders who manage to look cool and effortless on the mountain. Appearing to glide across the snow, however, takes a lot of hard work – many argue that learning to snowboard is tougher than getting to grips with skiing. Read more

Let it snow!

With most of the European ski resorts due to open this weekend the conditions are looking almost perfect, with lower temperatures keeping the snow that has already fallen in good condition.
The winter sports season starts for most UK residents with the Christmas holidays, so there is only a short time left to plan your perfect winter break.
And as many of our medical conditions travel insurance customers will know, winter sports holidays are still possible if you have a medical condition, provided you plan ahead and take some simple precautions.
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Skiing in the UK

With the first significant snow fall of the winter hitting the UK this week, we are all being reminded what fun the snow can be.  In London everyone was rushing up to Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath to make the most of the snow, sliding down the hills on everything from bin bags to sledges. Read more

Get prepared for the slopes!

The snow is falling in Europe so there’s still time to fit in another quick skiing holiday before the season ends. However, to make the most of your time at the resort, you need to prepare before you go, don’t let aching muscles after one day on the slopes leave you as a spectator.  We would always advise our medical conditions travel insurance customers to book a course of Pilates classes to prepare their body for skiing. 

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