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Best friends launch charity for testicular cancer

Two guys who supported each other throughout their respective treatment of testicular cancer have launched a charity called Baggy Trousers to help raise public awareness of the condition, especially in younger men.

Jack Broadley is 22 and from Ashton, Tameside, and his friend Thomas Wilson is 26 and from Shaw in Oldham. They both formed Baggy Trousers after meeting at The Christie hospital in Withington, where they received their treatment for the disease.

Although both men are now in remission from the condition, they want to use their experience with having testicular cancer at such a young age to educate other young men about the importance of checking themselves and the signs or symptoms to look out for.

Together, they plan on holding their first awareness sessions at schools within their local area in early 2015.

Jack is the chairman of the charity, and has told local press that he came up with the innovative idea for Baggy Trousers after hearing about a breast cancer charity which took a similar approach in a bid to raise awareness of the condition amongst a younger audience.

Jack stated: “When I left school, all I was interested in was football and girls, I never thought about testicular cancer. But my father had it, and even though they say testicular cancer isn’t hereditary, it’s something I should have been more aware of.”

The organisation’s first fundraising event involves Jack, Thomas and sixteen other willing volunteers taking part in a scary daredevil 160-foot bungee jump. If each jumper raises at least £100 each, they will be able to provide the charity with enough money for a school visit.

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