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Fiancé of cystic fibrosis patient calls for organ donation awareness

Josh Nelli, the fiancé of the late cystic fibrosis sufferer Kerry Thorpe has called for an opt-out system currently being trialled, and then rolled out throughout the UK to help increase the number of organ donors in the UK.

Kerry Thorpe died in March of this year aged just 23 after battling with the disease for her whole life.
Miss Thorpe had been on the transplant list for almost two years but died from the disease before a relevant match was found.

Josh has since been trying to raise awareness of both cystic fibrosis and the need to encourage people to join the organ donation scheme throughout the UK. He himself registered as an organ donor just days after meeting Kerry, and now he’s campaigning for others to do the same.

Recent data from the NHS Blood and Transplant department has revealed that despite a 10% rise on the number of transplants carried out in 2013-2014, the shortage of donors means that three people on the organ register die waiting for a call each day.

“My message is simple,” said Josh, “If people register as an organ donor they are registering to one day save someone’s life. Kerry wanted a second chance at life, but sadly she never got it. I don’t want others going through what we have, because it could be so easily solved through having more organ donors. If more people realised the lives they could save by doing this – surely they wouldn’t have to think twice, so many people could be given the second chance that Kerry never had.”

“The more people on the donor register, the less time people have to wait for their transplant and the more likely they are to have a good recovery post-transplant.”

Wales is currently trialling an automatic opt-out system for organ donation in 2015, which Mr Nelli describes as a ‘massive step in the right direction’, and hopes that it will be rolled out throughout the UK and Ireland.

Josh said: “If you’re not a donor, ask yourself why not and at least consider it because the impact you will have is massive. What better gift to others than the second chance at life?”

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