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Five year-old cancer survivor stars in own music video

Five year-old Addy was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer a year ago, and was left almost unable to walk due to the chemotherapy numbing nerves in her feet. Now, with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity which helps grant magical wishes to children and young people suffering from life-threatening conditions, Addy is starring in her own music video performing ‘Roar’ the track made famous by popstar Katy Perry.

During long hospital stays, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, Addy would spend hours drawing, singing and performing when she could and watching YouTube videos of her favourite artists – particularly Katy Perry.

A small group of students, along with the Foundation helped Addy film her own version of the hit Katy Perry made famous. However, instead of travelling to the jungle like Katy Perry does in her video, Addy takes part in a school talent show, and finds fame- complete with Perry-purple wig.

“Her wish was to be a pop star,” said Stacey, Addy’s mother. “And I think she’s really rocking it.”

Fourteen months after receiving her diagnosis, and after doctors only gave her six days to live, Addy is taking huge steps towards total recovery. Now in remission, Make-A-Wish state on their website that the song ‘Roar’ inspired Addy to fight and beat her stage IV kidney cancer.

Addy’s grandmother Sue said: “Everything about this project is positive, which is so nice. For so long, we were all just trying to hang on. We’re lucky to have her here, let alone doing this. It took a long time, but she came around and you wouldn’t know she was sick today.”

‘We were driving in the car to a filming last week and Addy says to me: Mommy, this wish has changed my life. And it really has,’ her mother Stacey said.

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