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New app released by Lymphoma Research Foundation

Although they are based in the States, the Lymphoma Research Foundation has developed a new app for people to use on their smartphones to help educate patients and others about treatment and symptom management.

Most people would know that there are two main types of lymphoma – Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s, but despite these two main groups there are actually over 20 different and distinct types of lymphoma distinguished by the presence of several biological markers.


Seeing as there are actually so many varieties of lymphoma, it means that patient and support network education is extremely important. The 20 different varieties also come with surrounding complexities and complications often unique to that type of condition. This is where the Focus on Lymphoma app developed by the Lymphoma Research Foundation comes in – it directly addresses these underlying complexities for patients by providing a huge educational resource on lymphoma.

The educational resource section doesn’t just provide owners of the app with a complex and in-depth explanation of the condition and its various attributes, but also covers topics such as diagnosis, terminology and doctor speak, treatment and survivorship. Links within the app also connect to trained staff at the foundation to provide any additional help and support for individuals with the app and for more emotionally-focused support, personal stories of lymphoma survivors are available within the lymphoma support network.

The app doesn’t just stop with education, either. It also provides a platform that tracks treatment adherence and symptom management, meaning you can have an up to date and precise record of your condition right in the palm of your hand. The medicine manager section also enables patients to keep an eye on what they have and have not taken.

Although the app isn’t currently available within the UK, its innovative design and sheer usefulness should make it, or an app which is similar in design, a staple within app stores across all platforms in the near future, providing it finds a financial backer.

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