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Fiona Macrae was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Once her treatment was finished, Fiona was desperate for a holiday, and was surprised to find how difficult it was to get an affordable travel insurance policy that covered breast cancer.

As an insurance professional with over 20 years experience Fiona was convinced that it must be possible to provide sensibly priced travel insurance not only for people with cancer but for anyone with a medical condition and so……… insurancewith: was created.

insurancewith: believes that all travellers should be treated fairly with premiums that are based on actual risk, and not on a pre-conceived idea of the medical condition. Our unique medical screening process enables us to provide competitive travel insurance for anyone with a medical condition without necessarily charging them an additional premium.

However, there is more to insurancewith: than just providing travel insurance. When you buy one of our policies, you are also helping us support various specialist charities because we donate £1 for every travel insurance policy purchased from us to one of our supported charities. These charities support thousands of people who live with medical conditions such as breast cancer and diabetes – some of the very people insurancewith: products have been designed for.
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You can learn more about the charities we support through the sale of medical travel insurance, as well as choosing which charity you would like us to donate to on your behalf, please have a look at the following page; insurancewith: charities >>> If you are a charity that would like to learn more about partnering or working with us, please have a look at the following page; partner insurancewith: >>>

insurancewith: doing more than just travel insurance


When Fiona was diagnosed with breast cancer, her son Cameron was only 5 months old .

This is Fiona with Cameron now aged 7.

Read Fiona's story here

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Thank you so much for your tremendous service

Dear Miriam (Customer service centre staff)

Thank you so much for your tremendous service in providing travel insurance for our daughter and her children. You were so professional, compassionate and wonderfully kind.

It has made such a huge difference to their lives. They had a holiday of a lifetime one they will never ever forget. It did our daughter so much good, the warmth, gentle snorkelling was natural physo and eased some of her aches and pains caused by radiotherapy.

The holiday gave her, her old confidence back and was a fantastic distraction. School said how much the children have benefited from the fabulous break, they are refreshed and revitalised.

I can’t thank you and Insurancewith enough for all you did for us. I can’t recommend the company highly enough and have told several people about you.


The service was very good and part of the cost for the policy goes to cancer charities

My husband has terminal lung cancer and we are keen to travel as much as possible before his health deteriorates too much. We spent a long time looking around for suitable cover.

Some insurance just seemed too cheap, from generic insurance companies, others were very expensive. In the end we have used a company set up by an insurance professional who also suffered from cancer.

The service was very good and part of the cost for the policy goes to cancer charities as well. Many companies require letters from doctors or nurses and this itself can seem like an additional barrier to actually being able to go on holiday.

I hope other families don't have to spend as much, and effort, as we did looking for safe and secure insurance for loved ones who are ill but would really like a holiday.

- Mrs M, Norwich

Our trip was problem free

I suffer from myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and my husband has high blood pressure and an irregular heart beat. In both cases the conditions have been under control with medication forseveral years. Our daughter and her husband live in Singapore andlast Christmas offered us the air fare for a three week visit this year after my latest chemotherapy treatment. We never dreamed that our plans would be thwarted by problems obtaining insurance. We couldn't get anything we could possibly afford; quotations were in the region of three thousand pounds!

The article in The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, March 30th, "Too sick to insure..?" came to our attention and we contacted insurancewith. The rest is history: we have recently returned from a wonderful three week holiday. The insurance cost us just £480, and as our trip was completely problem free we did not need to claim anything, so everyone was happy. The company's risk paid off and they made their profit, and we had that peace of mind which meant we were free of those worries which would have spoilt our holiday if we had been forced to risk travelling without insurance. Now that I am on my next course of treatment, I have all those wonderful memories to cheer me up and also able to visualise my family in their own environment as well as being able to chat face to face with Skype.

We are exceedingly grateful to insureancewith and have already written to the Daily Telegraph and sent notices to our GP surgeries and my hospital unit advising other patients of our experience. If we are lucky enough to have another chance to travel, we shall know where to go!
Yours, very thankfully,

Speedy efficient and sensitive

I just wanted to thank you for Insurancewith's speedy, efficient and sensitive handling of my request for travel insurance to America. As I'm sure you know, many so-called 'specialist' insurers are unwilling to consider quoting for people with secondary cancer. I had actually given up on the plan to visit friends in America, after being given a starting price of £1000 by the one company who would consider insuring me - that was over twice the cost of my flight!

After hearing Fiona Macrae from Insurancewith talking on "Womens Hour", I decided to have one last try, and to my absolute delight, not only did Insurancewith agree to provide cover, but quoted £300. I have now returned relaxed, brown and happy and I have already recommended you to friends in the same situation as me, so thanks again.


We were amazed

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and the only thing to keep me going apart from my loving family and friends was the holiday we had booked for Sorrento in May this year. It wasn’t until I was talking to other members of my family that I realised that our yearly travel insurance wouldn’t cover me since my recent operation and current illness.

We never thought that our plans would be ruined by ridiculously high insurance quotes until we were recommended Fiona Macrae’s Company Insurancwith. We were amazed that for a single trip it only cost us £26.00. The health screening question were easy to answer and within no time the insurance details were forwarded to me.

The holiday was a good tonic for us all especially knowing I was adequately insured if I should have a relapse whilst away. I am doing well and have recently booked another holiday for April next year and will of course be getting in touch with Insurancewith again.

A big thank you to Fiona and her staff at Insurancewith for making it possible for us to enjoy and afford our holidays again.

Mrs L. Suffolk

What would cancer sufferers and others with medical conditions do?

What would cancer sufferers and others with medical conditions do without the help of people like Fiona Macrae and her wonderful staff. I tried for several months to get a reasonable quote for holiday insurance with the usual stress of either being told that I could not have cover for my condition (Bladder Cancer) or the quote was high enough to cause me to think that I should just stay at home.

After reading an article about Fiona I got in touch and was surprised that she personally replied back. I contacted her staff and was delighted to speak with someone who made me feel that I had the right to travel insurance even with my medical history.

The questions were exactly for my condition and the quote was really great, that I booked straight away,and I have two days later received all the necessary paper work. Well done insurancewith long may we have contact and I hope you soon will be able to offer clients Annual Trips as well. I will certainly recommend your Company with pleasure.

Yours, very thankfully,
Mrs J G

Saved me almost £1460

I was made aware of Insurancewith through Patricia Peat who runs a wonderful organisation called Cancer Options. I have known Patricia for some years now and I follow her on Twitter. It was one of her Tweets that pointed me (and the rest of her followers) to your company.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer + liver mets in November 2007. In 2009 the liver mets disappeared, I then had breast surgery and have been cancer-free ever since. I walk, swim, eat nourishing food and meditate as often as possible. Quite simply, I'm fit and healthy. I do not present a greater risk to any insurance company. Frustratingly, what happened to me in 2007 hangs above me like the sword of Damocles. I held an annual medical policy pre-2007 but when I advised my insurers of my diagnosis they told me I was only covered for loss of baggage. So I went on holiday without medical insurance: 2008 (Cyprus), 2009 (Egypt), 2010 (Egypt) 2011 (Egypt) and May 2012 (Italy). And not once was I unwell!

The difference with the holiday I am taking in October is that the destination is the USA - to visit my beloved daughter who moved to LA in June. Imagine enduring a 13 hour flight to be denied entry because you don't have medical insurance. Way too stressful for anyone. So I went on-line to see what comparethemarket had to offer.

The screening process was hideous; it matched neither me nor my medical history. And the best quote was £1560. I felt very depressed. Then, within days, Patricia's Tweet arrived and the rest is history!

I really am most grateful to you for setting up this Company, not just because it saved me almost £1460 (which is brilliant, of course) but because the ethos of the Company is fantastic.

Professional and sympathetic

I recently got in touch with Insurancewith for holiday insurance. I had rang and e-mailed many insurances before coming across your company. Luckily for me Leanne Hall answered my call.

Over the last 2 years I have been suffering with cancer. I still have it. I wanted to go on a trip of a life time to America and Hawaii but was told by numerous insurances that the insurance would either be far too expensive or they just would not insure me. After speaking to Leanne and answering the medical screening questions she said she would call me back with a quote.

Leanne did. She has got me the appropriate cover for my travel and circumstances where other insurance companies could not.

This e-mail is to thank Leanne for her professional and sympathetic approach to my insurance needs. I had almost given up on my trip of a lifetime because of the other insurance companies.

Thank you Leanne Hall for making the whole process easy and without prejudice.


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