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Customer Saving Stories

Have you ever struggled to get travel insurance for long-term medical conditions? 4.2 million adults with a pre-existing condition have had trouble getting travel cover in the past three years alone.

Avoid the frustration of price comparison websites by using our testimonial price tool to explore the stories of our customers and see how much you could save on your medical travel insurance. At Insurancewith, we’re a specialist medical provider for travel insurance and can save travellers up to 98% on the total cost of a travel insurance policy.

For all medical conditions, including all types of cancer, we’ve saved our customers money on their insurance. These reduced costs have enabled people to treat themselves to holidays when they no longer thought it was possible. We’re strong believers that affordable insurance should be accessible to everyone.

  • Emmie saved £1935.58

    Emmie found Insurancewith after she found that her lung cancer experience, travel insurance quotes tended to be more than the cost of the holiday Emmie and her family wanted to book! Luckily, Insurancewith offered her helpful, positive advice at the end of the phone.

    Although we do ask more questions than other providers, the additional information we collect about things like your lifestyle make sure the quote we offer you fits your situation perfectly, and ensures that we're offering you a bespoke premium instead of as quote which everyone with your condition will receive. Insurancewith looks at the individual, and makes sure you have cover to suit you - which is why we pay out on 93% of all claims.

    * Based on quote for 7 days holiday to worldwide from an unnamed provider.
  • Jon saved £930.74

    Despite being diagnosed with bowel cancer over three years ago, Jon has recently been diagnosed with secondaries (where the cancer spreads into other parts of the body), but all tumours have been surgically removed and he has been feeling fit and well since, so wanted to book a holiday.

    Other insurance companies charge large premiums to anyone whose cancer may have spread or who has had a recurrence, but Insurancewith recognised the fact that Jon was now stable and so provided him with a quote almost £1,000 cheaper than others. Peace of mind, for a fraction of the price.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.
  • Paul saved £1,361.58

    Paul had thought foreign holidays were a thing of the past when he first started looking for travel insurance cover with a lung cancer diagnosis. Having completed a medical screening through the Insurancewith website, he felt that the questions he was asked of his condition built an accurate picture of his current state of health, without quoting an eye-watering premium for one week's cover.

    The questions we ask are relevant and logical to your medical situation, allowing you to build us a picture of exactly where you are in your recovery and giving us the right information in order to provide an affordable premium for your trip.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.
  • Lenny saved £295.60

    Lenny was diagnosed with bowel cancer after his bowel cancer screening threw up a potential problem over 4 years ago. As the cancer had spread to nearby lymph nodes, he followed a special treatment plan but was soon back up and running.

    He discussed his plans to go to Crete with his specialist, who was more than happy to travel. The only issue was travel insurance. Lenny went back to his GP who gave him a couple of travel insurance providers to try, and he found cover with Insurancewith.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Crete from an unnamed provider.
  • Edward saved £563.33

    Edward has used Insurancewith for his travel over the past 12 months. We regularly offer him quotes over £500 cheaper than other specialist travel insurance providers, and Edward finds that although his cancer is relatively stable, many insurance companies will not even consider him for cover even though he is fully fit and active.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.

How is Insurancewith different?

To accurately assess your medical circumstances, we’ve worked closely with our customers, charities and specialists to ensure our medical screening process provides you with two key things:

Our understanding of your medical circumstances, personal experience and lifestyle ensures that we adopt a more realistic and fair way to providing cover for you – an approach that you won’t find with a comparison site.

If you’ve tried other providers, only to be quoted ridiculously high premiums or refused cover, Insurancewith is your answer. We offer peace of mind, at a fraction of the cost. As we don’t use an intermediary to market our products, our prices remain competitive – we pass these savings onto you, the customer.

Don’t just take our word for it – read our customer testimonials and see how much they’ve saved with Insurancewith.

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