Customer Saving Stories

Have you ever struggled to get travel insurance for long-term medical conditions? 4.2 million adults with a pre-existing condition have had trouble getting travel cover in the past three years alone.

Use our testimonial price tool to explore the stories of our customers and see how much you could save on your medical travel insurance. At Insurancewith, we’re a specialist medical provider for travel insurance and can save travellers up to 98% on the total cost of a travel insurance policy.

For all medical conditions, including all types of cancer, we’ve saved our customers money on their insurance. These reduced costs have enabled people to treat themselves to holidays when they no longer thought it was possible. We’re strong believers that affordable insurance should be accessible to everyone.

  • Francesca saved £306.99

    Francesca was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and the only thing that kept her going (other than her loving family and friends) was the promise of a holiday in May of this year.

    It wasn't until she was talking to other members of the family that she realised her usual yearly travel insurance wouldn't cover her since her recent operation and current illness. Francesca never thought that her plans would be ruined by ridiculously high insurance quotes until they were recommended Insurancewith.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Italy from an unnamed provider.
  • Ben saved £308.57

    "Ben was diagnosed with bowel cancer three years ago, this is his second year travelling with Insurancewith and he's extremely happy with the service that he received. He had some issues completing the medical screening, but gave us a call and this was sorted seamlessly.

    The customer advisor's knowledge and ease of sorting through the problems made things seem simple and less of an issue than he thought. He also managed to save £308.57 compared to other quotes he had found, which he'll be using as holiday spending money!"

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.
  • Glen saved £792.47

    Glen and his wife had booked a holiday to the west coast of America a year ago before he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. America ask for proof of insurance as requirement for admittance, but when Glen mentioned his diagnosis to his usual insurer, he was shocked at the 'callous attitude of not just them but all major insurance companies who wrote me off as soon as they heard the C-word'.

    Fortunately, Glen heard about Insurancewith from someone in a similar medical situation and he was told he could have cover immediately, with no fuss and no rejection. Insurancewith strives to provide all customers with travel insurance to those who need some all-important R&R, often at the most difficult time of their lives.

    * Based on quote for 7 days holiday to America from an unnamed provider.
  • Callum saved £78.27

    Callum didn't think that he'd have much trouble finding travel insurance for his upcoming trip to Ibiza, having been loads of times in the past. He'd always managed to get travel insurance easily before his cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago. This time around, a week in Spain was costing upward of £150 to cover.

    He found Insurancewith and felt that we had a 'real understanding of a cancer diagnosis'. As such, we were able to offer a reasonably-priced policy for his holiday.

    * Based on quote for 7 days holiday to Spain from an unnamed provider.
  • Lenny saved £295.60

    Lenny was diagnosed with bowel cancer after his bowel cancer screening threw up a potential problem over 4 years ago. As the cancer had spread to nearby lymph nodes, he followed a special treatment plan but was soon back up and running.

    He discussed his plans to go to Crete with his specialist, who was more than happy to travel. The only issue was travel insurance. Lenny went back to his GP who gave him a couple of travel insurance providers to try, and he found cover with Insurancewith.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Crete from an unnamed provider.

How is Insurancewith different?

To accurately assess your medical circumstances, we’ve worked closely with our customers, charities and specialists to ensure our medical screening process provides you with two key things:

Our understanding of your medical circumstances, personal experience and lifestyle ensures that we adopt a more realistic and fair way to providing cover for you – an approach that you won’t find with a comparison site.

If you’ve tried other providers, only to be quoted ridiculously high premiums or refused cover, Insurancewith is your answer. We offer peace of mind, at a fraction of the cost. As we don’t use an intermediary to market our products, our prices remain competitive – we pass these savings onto you, the customer.

Don’t just take our word for it – read our customer testimonials and see how much they’ve saved with Insurancewith.

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