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Customer Saving Stories

Have you ever struggled to get travel insurance for long-term medical conditions? 4.2 million adults with a pre-existing condition have had trouble getting travel cover in the past three years alone.

Avoid the frustration of price comparison websites by using our testimonial price tool to explore the stories of our customers and see how much you could save on your medical travel insurance. At Insurancewith, we’re a specialist medical provider for travel insurance and can save travellers up to 98% on the total cost of a travel insurance policy.

For all medical conditions, including all types of cancer, we’ve saved our customers money on their insurance. These reduced costs have enabled people to treat themselves to holidays when they no longer thought it was possible. We’re strong believers that affordable insurance should be accessible to everyone.

  • Emma saved £2681.86

    Emma tried other insurance companies, but all of them were charging over £1,600 just because of her cancer diagnosis. She found Insurancewith and was impressed that they only charge a nominal fee but with a high excess that you only have to pay if you have to claim as direct result of your condition.

    She could visit her family in Canada without the high cost, but was more than happy to pay the medical excess in the event of a claim.

    * Based on quote for 7 days holiday to Canada from an unnamed provider.
  • Becky saved £293.32

    Becky was 26 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, but now it has spread to her bones. She wanted a trip to Spain for a week inbetween rounds of chemotherapy to repair and recover, and struggled to find cover on the usual comparison sites.

    Insurancewith offered her an award-winning policy at 95% cheaper than more well-known brands because they believe that everyone deserves the right to a break, especially those who have already gone through so much.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Spain from an unnamed provider.
  • Patricia saved £1,480.80

    This is Patricia's third policy with Insurancewith, having found that most insurance providers penalise her against her age and now her bowel cancer diagnosis.

    We know that it's not easy to discuss chronic or serious medical conditions, which is why Insurancewith have a friendly and empathetic customer service team on hand to talk through what they need from a travel insurance policy, whether it's cancellation cover, cover for medical expenses or cover for medical, disability or mobility equipment.

    Patricia gave us a call, and spoke to us about her quote, which ended up saving her a huge £1,480.80 against other specialist providers.

    * Based on quote for holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.
  • Sally saved £355.62

    This was Sally's first time needing to get travel insurance since being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She didn't know what to expect, or where she was headed on holiday, but had heard that you could be penalised financially for having been poorly and was anxious about having to answer questions about her experience.

    Insurancewith made the process extremely easy, and the friendly and experienced customer service staff treated her with 'kindness, dignity and respect throughout'.

    We explained that going worldwide to destinations like America isn't always able to be covered, but Sally was pleasantly surprised by the quote and can now go on holiday in Europe happy in the knowledge that she is fully covered.

    * Based on quote for 7 Days holiday to Europe from an unnamed provider.
  • Vivien saved £1,136.54

    As a cancer patient and someone who had only recently finished treatment, Vivien was finding it difficult to find affordable travel insurance cover for a week's holiday in Spain. She chose Insurancewith because we were recommended by a support group that she was involved with.

    She said: "Other cancer sufferers have used the company and couldn't speak higher about the support and professional attitude of Insurancewith." Vivien saved £1,136.54 with cover from Insurancewith; a significant difference from other providers she had travelled with in the past.

    * Based on quote for 7 days holiday to Spain from an unnamed provider.

How is Insurancewith different?

To accurately assess your medical circumstances, we’ve worked closely with our customers, charities and specialists to ensure our medical screening process provides you with two key things:

  • A bespoke premium
  • Better support in an emergency abroad

Our understanding of your medical circumstances, personal experience and lifestyle ensures that we adopt a more realistic and fair way to providing cover for you – an approach that you won’t find with a comparison site.

If you’ve tried other providers, only to be quoted ridiculously high premiums or refused cover, Insurancewith is your answer. We offer peace of mind, at a fraction of the cost. As we don’t use an intermediary to market our products, our prices remain competitive and don’t include the amount of commission other products do – we pass these savings onto you, the customer.

Don’t just take our word for it – read our customer testimonials and see how much they’ve saved with Insurancewith.

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