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30% of people still to book their 2011 summer holiday

According to research by Thomas Cook, a third of consumers have not yet booked their 2011 summer holiday. The research has indicated that 10% have not yet booked and 20% are ‘waiting to see’. Cost seems to be uppermost in people’s minds with the research showing price is the most important factor with 33 per cent of those left to book keen to spend less than last year, with 44 per cent looking to spend the same.

So where will everyone be looking to travel to this year?
Well, according to flight comparison site Skyscanner, Spain has come out as the top destination for British tourists heading off on summer holiday again this year.  The top 10 holiday destinations of British tourist in 2011 are:
1. Spain
2. USA
3. Italy
4. Turkey
5. France
6. Greece
7. Portugal
8. Cyprus
9. UK
10. Croatia

Where ever you are going on holiday it is important to make sure you have a valid travel insurance policy that is suitable for your needs, if you are travelling to a European member state please also make sure that you have a valid and in date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as well, please see our previous posts here and here for more information on what your EHIC will cover you for.
Insurancewith is a travel insurance provider specialising in holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions, for example cancer travel insurancebreast cancer travel insurance and travel insurance for people with diabetes.

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