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Advice to ensure a Turkish delight

If you are one of the many planning a post-Olympic escape, especially now the sunshine seems to have departed – you may be thinking about Turkey, one of the most popular holiday destinations for the third year running. Don’t forget to take your travel insurance for medical conditions as Turkey is not yet in the EU so your EHIC will not replace your cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

What currency will you take to Turkey? The local currency is the Turkish Lira but Sterling and Euros are also accepted in most places. You can expect excellent rates of exchange for sterling in Turkey, it is reported in the Guardian that while you may only get 2.40 Turkish lira for each pound sterling at your UK airport, you can expect to be offered 2.70 in Turkey itself so just change a little up in the UK for refreshments at the airport. Trip Advisor tells us that favourable rates of exchange can be had in many jewellers shops while you are shopping for those memorable souvenirs – good quality gold and diamonds are especially a bargain when compared to UK prices. Turkish hotels often quote their rates in euros so you may find it advantageous to use them pay for your trip accommodation as favourable rates may be offered. If you plan to explore off the beaten track then you may also find euros more readily accepted than sterling.

Remember to take extra care of your cash when on holiday, whichever currency you opt for. It will be covered by your travel insurance but there will be limits on the amount you can claim if it is lost or stolen and of course you will be expected to keep it safely tucked in a pocket or bum bag out of sight. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – if you are not sure how much you will spend keep the spare cash safely locked up in a hotel safe along with your passports.
And don’t forget before you go to pick up that specialist travel insurance with cancer cover if you need it and remember – you will need one nice crisp £10.00 note to pay for your Turkish Visa on arrival at Turkish immigration. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks to Tricia Pearson-Tietema our Head of Medical Underwriting for today’s guest blog.

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