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Air-line add-ons made clear!

It’s the bane of our medical conditions travel insurance customers lives, you see a nice cheap airfare advertised for your chosen holiday destination, you start the booking process and by the time you have finished, the add-ons for baggage in the hold, a meal on the flight, advance seat reservation, paying by credit card, mount up and the cheap flight doesn’t seem such a good deal after all.  Well the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has come to the rescue and has published a comparison table of all the airline add-ons.
The table compares the top 24 airlines, based on scheduled flight numbers operating in the UK, this covers 84% of passengers travelling to and from the UK.  The table sets out such things as which airlines charge to for hold baggage and how much it costs, if your in-flight meal is included with your ticket price or not, how much it costs to pre-book your seat.  This is a great tool to use and will save loads of time researching cheap flights, I normally go through the full booking process with the airline and stop before putting in my card details so I can check the final prices, but now all I have to do is check the table.  And the further good news is that CAA is going to keep the table up to date by reviewing it every couple of months.
Once you have booked your flight we would always recommend arranging travel insurance; remember you will be covered from the date you take the policy out should you need to cancel your holiday plans due to illness etc.  That is provided you have declared any pre existing medical conditions to your travel insurance provider and you have bought the most appropriate travel insurance with medical conditions policy for your needs.
So as the temperature drops even further this weekend in the UK happy bargain hunting for those sunshine flights!


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