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Airport chaos as Passport Officials joins the strike

Travellers hoping for a quick getaway should prepare for their holidays to be severely disrupted tomorrow after airport workers have become embroiled in the planned strike over public sector pension reforms. Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) are due to desert their posts at air terminals, threatening massive queues at passport control. With the threat of delays looming, it is a good idea to check your travel insurance and see if you have cover for delayed departure. It is always advisable to take out some form of travel insurance before you go abroad, particularly if you have a medical condition.

You can buy holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions, but to ensure cover for your medical conditions you must fully declare all medications taken and all medical conditions, even if you think the are inconsequential, declare everything and let the pre existing medical condition insurance provider decide what is and isn’t of consequence.

While it will be those returning to British ports, airports or Eurostar terminal that will feel the brunt of the delays, it would be advisable to allow plenty of time between arriving at your transport hub and your planned departure time as there could be long queues at passport control before you go through to the departure lounge.

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