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Another Bank Holiday Bonanza in 2012

The UK enjoyed an extra-long weekend thanks to the Royal Wedding in April and now the Government is hoping to recreate the ‘feel good factor’ of last month’s celebrations by giving Britons a four-day break to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Next year’s Whitsun Bank Holiday, which is usually in late May, will be postponed until Monday, 4th of June and an extra Bank Holiday will be added on Tuesday, 5th June. This will mean that another opportunity for a quick break abroad and because the Bank Holiday is falling a bit later in the year you will not need to travel so far to get the guarantee of sunshine for your break.

Where ever you decide to go you must ensure you have a valid travel insurance policy. Insurancewith specialises in travel insurance for medical conditions such as breast cancer travel insurance, travel insurance for cancer and travel insurance policies for people with diabetes, and we have found that people tend to forget to buy travel insurance if they are going on a quick break.

Particularly if they are hopping on the Eurostar to France and have their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them, it must be remembered that is no substitute for travel insurance as our previous blog explains.
So regardless how long your trip is make sure you have a travel insurance policy that is suitable for your needs and if you require pre existing medical condition travel insurance make sure you declare all your medical conditions and should you be taking part in any type of activity check the wording of you policy to ensure that you will be covered.

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