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April showers, we wish!

If only it was showers, the UK is now on flood alert! The Environment Agency has issued eight flood warnings today and a further 21 lower level flood alerts.  And with the UK’s monsoon-like weather predicted to stay until well into May, many of our medical conditions travel insurance customers are looking to book holidays abroad to catch some sunshine.

It would appear that it isn’t just our travel insurance with medical conditions customers that are flooding abroad because of the weather.  It would also seem that UK tour operators are seeing a surge in bookings since all the rain started as well. Virgin Atlantic has reported an increase in bookings of 37% compared to this time last year, and unsurprisingly the most popular destinations are the sunnier ones!

Even if April is recorded to be the wettest on record, the water companies are adamant that the hosepipe bans put in place last month will not be lifted. The water company bosses believe these downpours are not enough to end the official drought brought on by two dry winters. Unfortunately because of the prolonged dry weather the ground is very dry and therefore the amount of rain we are experiencing is not getting a chance to soak in, it tends to sit on the surface which causes flooding, hence all the flood alerts.  The hosepipe ban may still be in force despite all this rain, but at least the water butts will be full again so hopefully the gardens will still get the water they desperately need this summer.

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