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Are You Going To Escape The Royal Wedding?

Those who were on the ball and got their holiday requests in early are taking full advantage of this April’s plethora of Bank Holidays, for 11 days holiday you can have 3 weeks off.  Furthermore, with the majority of school Easter holidays being the first two weeks of April, the cost of holidays abroad over these Bank Holidays shouldn’t be too expensive either.

With the recent unrest in Egypt there are many holiday bargains to be had in the resort of Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor, there are also many holiday bargains to be found in  other popular holiday destinations near the trouble hot spots in the Middle East, for example Malta.  However before booking any holiday in these regions you must check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) web site for all the up to date travel advice and restrictions.  If you travel against FCO advice then you will invalidate you travel insurance policy.  The FCO will often use the phrase ‘recommends against all but essential travel’, for clarification, holidays, visits to relatives and business trips are not regarded as essential travel. Please see our previous blog post for further details on deciding which countries are safe to travel to.
If you are travelling abroad you must ensure that you have a travel insurance policy that is suitable for your needs.  If you have a medical condition it is very important to buy a travel insurance for existing medical conditions policy. Insurancewith are a specialist travel insurance provider and have many pre existing medical condition insurance policies for example, lung cancer travel insurancebreast cancer travel insurance and travel insurance for people with diabetes to name a few.  It must be noted, if you do not declare your medical condition to your travel insurance provider any claim for that condition or something that can be attributed to the condition, for example treatment of the condition will not be covered under your policy.  Please bear in mind that your particular condition may cause you no trouble because you take medication, but for example if you have angina and do not declare it to your travel insurer and have a heart attack then this would not be covered under your travel policy.
If you need any advice about travelling with medical conditions and purchasing travel insurance with medical conditions please contact Insurancewith on 08452307159 or visit the website.


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