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Bargains to be had if your ARE travelling during the school holidays

Many of our medical travel insurance customers will be interested in a recent survey by, which has shown that contrary to popular beliefs the cost of flights can substantially go down during the school holidays; however it does depend on where you want to go! 
Granted that the flight routes that offer the biggest discounts are not the traditional family holiday destinations, for example the biggest reduction is 65% on a flight from London to Milan would cost on average £180 outside the traditional summer school holidays, but would reduce to and average of £63 during the traditional school summer holidays.  Milan would be the best airport if you are travelling to the Lake Como, and although Lake Como is generally geared towards adults there are plenty of things for kids to do, such as swimming in the lido on the lake, water sports or a boat trip, there are even sandy beaches around the lake to relax on.  It may not be the traditional bucket and spade holiday but it could be just as much fun and save you money at the same time.
Any travel insurance with medical conditions customers who are interested in which other destinations are offering reduced flights during the school summer holidays, they are as follows:
Destination         Average flight price outside        Average flight price during           Difference

school summer holidays               school summer holidays

 Milan                    £180                                                      £63                                                         -65%
Venice                  £130                                                       £74                                                         -43%
Paris                      £168                                                       £97                                                         -42%
Valencia               £251                                                       £155                                                       -38%
Toulouse             £190                                                       £153                                                       -20%
So what are you waiting for, have a different type of family holiday, you may never go to a traditional family resort again.


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