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Chaos threat at passport control

The biggest public sector strike in generations is due to take place this Wednesday in protest to the big changes the Government are making to public sector pensions.  It has been estimated that over 2 million public sector workers will take part in the strike.
The strike will have some effect on nearly everyone in the UK, be it having to have a day off yourself as the kids are at home because the teachers are on strike to your hospital appointment being cancelled because the nurses are on strike.  Even those returning from holiday or hoping to get away will be affected, it has been reported that airlines and airports have been told that the majority of the UK’s 6500 full time immigration officers are expected to join the strike, plunging airports and border crossings into chaos.
Any medical conditions travel insurance customers returning to the UK from holidays are asked to be patient, flights, ferries and trains are not expected to be affected but there could be lengthy delays at border controls.  Travelling with a medical condition does need forward planning, so make sure you do have some water with you to keep rehydrated. And diabetes travel insurance customers are advised to carry some jelly babies or similar in case the wait at border control is much longer than expected causing blood sugar to drop.
The authorities are doing everything in their power to minimise delays for people entering and leaving the country, but delays will unfortunately be inevitable if the strike goes ahead.


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