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Cost of renewing your passport to go down!

Any of our medical conditions travel insurance customers who are due to renew their passport this year will welcome the news announced today; the cost of passport renewal will go down by 6% this autumn. This will mean that any travel insurance with medical conditions customers renewing their passports in the autumn will save £5.00 or £3.00 it renewing a child’s passport.

BBC News reported that Immigration Minister Damian Green advised the cuts in the costs of renewing passports are able to be made after several ‘efficiency measures’. Home Office figures show that around 5.4 million passports were produced in the last financial year and almost all of them processed within 2 weeks, so we can feel comfortable that the efficiency measures have not had any adverse effect on the service we receive.

However we would advise any of our travel insurance for medical conditions customers who do need to renew their passports to check the entry stipulations of the countries they are travelling to. Some countries such as Turkey and the US require your passport to be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into the country. So check requirements carefully and don’t hold off renewing to save £5 if it means you could be refused entry to the country.

When renewing your passport, make sure you follow all the guidelines and rules the Government set out, and that all of your personal details are still correct. Send your previous passport with your visa attached to the application.

If you don’t need to renew your passport just yet, keep it in a safe location similar to your other valuable items. Whether your passport is expired or not, it holds personal information about you, the passport holder, and can be used as a tool in identity theft or with more serious crimes such as international terrorism. Should your passport be lost or stolen whilst you are away, report it immediately to the authorities and obtain a written report for travel insurance purposes, as you may need to make a claim. 


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