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Do travel insurers expect you to be sober on holiday?

Many of our medical conditions travel insurance customers must have read yesterdays Metro’s headline ‘Holiday insurance may be void if you’ve been partying’ with horror.  What are holidays for if not to relax and enjoy time with family and friends? And for many people this involves drinking alcohol.
Well we can put our travel insurance with medical conditions customers’ minds at rest.
We do not expect them to sign ‘the pledge’ and spend their holiday in a state of temperance, however we would expect them to drink sensibly.  It’s also worth remembering if you’re on medication, how that may react with any alcohol you drink.

The Metro’s article also warned about taking part in  sports while on holiday to, as some activities might not be covered under your policy.  However most quality travel insurance policies cover a wide range of sports and activities as standard and will offer cover for an additional premium for those activities that they don’t cover as standard.
Unfortunately the article mentions that some of these clauses are hidden in the ‘small print’ however any clauses and conditions on a travel insurance policy are not hidden in the ‘small print’ in fact there is not small print, it is your policy terms and conditions.  And as boring as it may seem you must read every word of it to make sure you are buying a policy that is suitable for your needs, then there will be no nasty surprises if you need to submit a claim.


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