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Fashion Week

The Fashion Week Autumn/Winter road show is now rolling, hitting London over the weekend after starting in New York on 9th February.
For any of our medical conditions travel insurance customers wishing to follow the Autumn/Winter 2012 shows round the world, below is the running order and dates:
London                 17th February to 22nd February
Milan                     22nd February to 28th February
Paris                      28th February to 7th March
Los Angeles        8th March to 18th March
Tokyo                    18th March to 24th March
You would need quite a bit of stamina to keep up with the fashion pack on the above schedule, but even picking to visit one of those cities during their fashion week would make for a great city break.  But remember no matter how short a time you are travelling for, you should always ensure you have a travel insurance policy in place that is suitable for your needs.  For example if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, make sure to declare it to your travel insurance provider and purchase travel insurance for diabetics.
To spur you on a bit more, one of the great reasons to go to Fashion Week is for the exhibition area, this is where designers who don’t have cat walk shows show their new season collections to buyers. However members of the public are also allowed to buy single items or old stock at cost prices, which makes the bun fight to get in all the more worth it.


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