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Good news if you are taking your mobile phone to Europe this summer

Some good news for our medical conditions travel insurance customers planning a European holiday this summer with their mobile phones.  The European Commission’s latest move towards reducing the gap between domestic and foreign call rates to zero by 2015 should be in place in time for the summer holidays.

The cost of accessing data on smartphones will be capped at €0.70 a megabyte, which is far less than most carriers in the EU charge.  Furthermore, prices on voice calls are also going to be capped at €0.29 down from €0.35, with the aim to get it down to €0.19 by 2014.  The cost of text messaging is also going to be reduced from €0.11 to €0.06

If you are taking your mobile phone abroad make sure that you have insurance cover for it. For our customers who have medical travel insurance policies you will have cover on your policy for a mobile phone under the personal possessions section, but please note the value limit of any one item is £200, and will be subject to the policy excess, which may not be enough if you have a top of the range phone. 

It’s always worth checking your home insurance policy as well, to see if you have all risks cover which includes taking your possessions abroad, but again check the single article limit.  However it must be noted that cover for your phone on your travel insurance or home insurance policy will not give cover for bills run up on calls made if your phone is stolen.

One suggestion to combat this problem would be to take an old mobile phone with a pay as you go sim card on holiday instead of your all singing all dancing i Phone. No one would want to steal a 3 year old mobile phone and if they do the amount of calls they could make would be limited to how much you put on the sim, so no nasty surprises when the phone bill comes in!


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