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Holiday Bargains during School Holidays, surely not!

According to The Times, this summer is going to be a bumper one for last minute bargains even if you are tied to going away during the school holidays.  According to research, with only a month to go before the schools break for summer, half of us are still to book our summer holidays.

The lack of people booking summer holidays abroad could be the return of the staycation this summer, however it is important to remember that even if you are staying in the UK travel insurance is still an important part of your holiday planning, particularly if you have a medical condition.  Some people don’t realise travel insurance with medical conditions can be bought for UK holidays as well as holidays abroad.  The benefit of having travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions cover for the UK means you are covered if you need to cancel your holiday due to your condition or if you are taken ill when you are on your UK holiday the policy would offer cover for a relative to stay with you in the particular part of the country you are taken ill in should you be unable to travel back to your home area immediately.
However if you have decided to go bargain hunting for a summer holiday abroad, don’t forget you will need to arrange travel insurance and make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that is in date to carry with you as well, please see our previous blogs here and here for more information on the EHIC and what it covers.
When purchasing travel insurance for home or abroad please ensure you buy a travel insurance policy that is suitable for your needs and if you have a medical condition, look for travel insurance for existing medical conditions and make sure you fully declare you medical condition to the travel insurance with medical conditions provider.


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