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If it’s good enough for William and Kate!

The latest news from the World Travel Market (WTM), Tunisia has said they will invite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the country to prove how safe it is following the period of civil unrest and revolution. The Tunisian minister of commerce and tourism Mehni Houas told a WTM press conference that he hoped visitor numbers will bounce back to pre-revolution levels.

Insurancewith’s medical conditions travel insurance customers have always told us Tunisia is a beautiful country and although it is know for its sun and sand holidays, it also has a rich culture and history worth exploring. So when would be the best time to visit? Well Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, so the best time to visit is between mid-March and mid-May when the weather is warm but not red hot. If you want to see the Saharan dunes then the best time to visit would be November, as the desert would be much too hot in the summer. November is also when the date harvests have just finished and some of the music festivals begin, so a perfect pre-Christmas break.

Whenever you decide to go to Tunisia make sure you have an appropriate travel insurance policy for your needs. If for example if you plan to go dune buggy racing while in the desert make sure your travel insurance policy will cover you, furthermore if you have a medical condition make sure this is fully disclosed and the appropriate travel insurance with medical conditions cover is bought.


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