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Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore to Direct Short Films about Breast Cancer

Lifetime, the American television network have announced that Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and singer Alicia Keys will join 2 other Directors to make a collection of short films about breast cancer, the project is called “Project Five”.
The idea is that the films will explore the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives; the way diagnosis affects relationships to how those diagnosed with breast cancer perceive themselves.

Aniston has commented (their) “hope with ‘Project Five’ is to entertain, inform, and inspire dialogue, research, and prevention.

Otherwise, our goals are small…We want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts ALL of our lives, no matter who we are.”

It is fantastic to see such high profile women supporting and raising awareness for breast cancer.At Insurancewith we are proud to support breast cancer charity The Haven through the sales of our breast travel insurance.

Our breast cancer travel insurance was developed through the personal experience of two of our members of staff. Being so close to the subject has enabled Insurancewith to create a very tailored travel insurance policy for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, because the policy is individually rated the cost of the policy is far more affordable.

At Insurancewith we understand how tough the treatment for breast cancer is, it is not just the patient that feels the pressure, it’s their family and friends who support and go through the treatment with them too. The one thing that can keep you going through the months of treatment is the thought of a lovely holiday at the end of it all. However, trying to find affordable breast cancer travel insurance that will offer full cover for your breast cancer can be difficult.
Insurancewith want to ensure that as many people as possible who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have access to affordable breast cancer travel insurance.Enabling them to go on holiday and start to get some normality back in their lives, and holidays are a great way to get completely away from the hospital routine that your life becomes while going through treatment for breast cancer.


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