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New alcohol and breast cancer link

The above head line caught my eye and no doubt the eye of many of our breast cancer travel insurance customers.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I spent days trawling the internet looking for reasons why, and from what I could see nearly everything in our modern world had the propensity to give you cancer, but some people got it and some didn’t, I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones.  However the link to alcohol consumption and breast cancer seems to be getting stronger.
New research by scientists in Mexico has identified a protein that plays a key role in the link between drinking alcohol and breast cancer.  The research shows that women with higher levels of the molecule in their breasts are more likely to develop cancer if they drink too much.  The protein is an enzyme called CYP2E1, and is believed to be involved in breaking down ethanol/alcohol in the body.
I am not saying that my past alcohol consumption is the reason I got cancer, but I do find this research very interesting and another step forward to finding a cure or a way to prevent this awful disease. 
Pre-cancer I led a pretty healthily life, I drank, obviously, but not to excess, I always tried, and still do, to have at least two days a week off the booze, but I did, still do enjoy drinking.  And despite this research, I have no intention of going teetotal as I have yet to see any research that shows stopping drinking alcohol altogether will reduce my chances of getting breast cancer again.  However I do believe everything in moderation!


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