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Olympic fever and absent friends

Well the Olympic opening ceremony is just hours away now and the excitement and pride at having this world class event on our doorstep is really building.
For me this is an exciting never to be forgotten day but also very emotional. I was glued to the television like everyone else that July day waiting to find out if London would win the bin to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

However I was lying on the couch waiting for the news feeling very sorry for myself having just had my seventh round of chemotherapy for breast cancer, and playing at my feet was my 10 month old son. When I heard London had won I jumped up cheering, and I remember thinking my baby would be 7 when the Olympics come to London and how exciting he would find it all. I also didn’t know at that time if I would still be here, but here I am and still going strong.

My cancer diagnosis changed my life, and one of the things I am most proud of is creating Insurancewith to help people like myself get affordable cancer travel insurance. I have met so many wonderful people in the last 7 years who I would never have met if I hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer, so every cloud and all that! But back to the Olympics, I am reliably informed that part of tonight’s opening ceremony will include a memorial photo display of some of those that aren’t here anymore, so tonight I will be cheering and bursting with pride with the rest of you, but also raising my glass to absent friends, Aunty Jean.


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