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Titanic jinx strikes again

As we have been reminded these past weeks, on the 10 of April 1912, the Titanic set sail from Southampton on her maiden voyage, carrying 2,200 passengers and crew. Four days later she collided with an iceberg and sank, only 700 people survived and 1500 lost their lives.

The romance and tragedy of the Titanic has endured the last 100 years, with numerous films and documentaries about the people who built her, travelled on her and died on her. And this being the centenary of the tragedy means that new documentaries are being made and James Cameron’s multi Oscar winning film Titanic has even been re-released in 3D!

But is everything about the Titanic jinxed? The organisers of a long planned sold out memorial voyage must think so. First the voyage was delayed by bad weather and now a passenger has been taken ill and the ship has to turn back 20 nautical miles so the passenger can be air lifted off by helicopter. This incident highlights the need for specific cruise medical conditions travel insurance, an ordinary travel insurance policy would not give any cover for ship the shore rescue which is taking place in this instance. Without this cover the individual could be liable for the expense of the helicopter and delaying the ship, which in this case could be quite costly as the aim is to get to the actual site of the sinking at the time Titanic went down.


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