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Too much going on in the UK to go abroad this summer!

With the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee all happening this summer in London, it looks like many people are deciding to take their summer holidays in the UK so the can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the celebrations, and the Royal Wedding last year really showed us that we know how to throw a good party!

However, just because you are holidaying in the UK don’t forget buy travel insurance, or medical conditions travel insurance if you have any medical conditions. Many people overlook travel insurance for UK based holidays; however should you fall ill away from home you would want someone to remain with you at your holiday destination; a travel insurance policy would give you that cover. Furthermore with week at the height of the summer holiday season in a holiday park such as Centre Parcs starting at £1200 or the cost of 2 nights in a London hotel during the Olympics going upwards from £300, it would also be sensible to have these costs covered with a travel insurance policy just in case you have to cancel the holiday at the last minute because of illness, redundancy etc. And remember, declaring medical conditions and buying an appropriate travel insurance with medical conditions cover is still as important for UK based holidays as foreign holidays.
With the UK and London on the world’s stage, let’s just hope the sun keeps shining this summer and then maybe a UK based summer holiday will start be become the norm.


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