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Vaccination confusion

A recent survey by YouGov shows there is a lot of confusion around which countries you need extra vaccinations for and those you don’t. At Insurancewith we always advise medical conditions travel insurance customers to check with their Consultants or GP’s before planning a holiday. If you take certain medication you may be precluded from receiving certain vaccinations, so a conversation with your Doctor is always advisable before planning or booking any holiday.

The survey highlights that:

  • 61% of British people incorrectly think extra vaccinations are not needed to travel to Russia, with just 18% realising innoculations are necessary for travel to the country
  • Similarly, 62% of people believe vaccinations are not needed for travel to Romania, when they are in fact required (which only 20% realised)
  • Just 26% of people are aware that you do not need extra vaccinations to travel to Singapore (58% think that they are required)
  • And only 29% know that extra vaccinations are recommended for travel to Turkey, with over half (54%) incorrectly saying that extra jab aren’t needed
  • Countries which gained the most correct answers regarding vaccinations were Nigeria and Kenya, which 88% of people apiece correctly knew needed extra vaccinations
  • Inoculation needs for Spain are also more widely known, with 86% of people aware that extra vaccinations are not needed to travel to the country

Vaccinations can be your passport to travelling the world, with most out-of-reach countries requiring you to have specific vaccinations before you travel. For holidaymakers in places such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and China, the necessity of having these vaccinations is all too real, with tourists who have avoided taking the anti-malarial tablets or the yellow fever injection becoming at risk of death in a country so far away from home. Additionally, international travellers are at risk of malaria from over 99 countries in the world – a serious and sometimes fatal tropical disease, dengue – a virus spread by an infected mosquito, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow fever and rabies are all illnesses which could have you in a foreign hospital after it ruins your time away.

Needing medical attention abroad can be expensive and in come cases, medical facilities are not up to the standards that UK citizens are used to, especially in developing countries.

Travel insurance for medical conditions customer can check the NHS website “fit for travel“ which contains travel health information for people travelling abroad from the UK, and a country by country guide to vaccinations.


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