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Where are the bargain holidays to be had this year?

The Post Office has issued their annual survey which measures the cost of eight items in holiday destinations around the world.  And according to the survey our medical conditions travel insurance customers looking for a bargain holiday need look no further afield than Spain.
The cost of buying a cup of coffee, bottle of local beer and a can of Coco Cola in a café or bar, a 1.5L bottle of mineral water, sun cream and insect repellent from a supermarket, a packet of 20 cigarettes and a 3 course evening meal with a bottle of house wine in a local restaurant have been compared across 40 holiday destinations, the top ten countries are as follows:

  • Sri Lanka               £27.95
  • Spain                     £37.72
  • Czech Republic    £39.57
  • Bulgaria                £36.65
  • Mexico                 £44.03
  • Hungary               £45.57
  • Portugal               £45.58
  • Thailand               £46.15
  • South Africa        £47.62
  • Vietnam               £50.71

Surprisingly Spain came second cheapest behind Sri Lanka this year, with the Euro at an 18 month low against the pound there has probably never been a cheaper time in recent years for us Brits to holiday in Spain. 
However, looking for a holiday bargain is all well and good, but travel insurance is something you shouldn’t cut corners with, particularly travel insurance for medical conditions.  If you have a medical condition such as cancer make sure you fully declare the condition to your travel insurance provider, not forgetting to declare all the medication taken, and buy an appropriate cancer travel insurance policy.
Money may be tight all round but if you do a bit of price research on the cost of  drinks and essentials before you decide on your holiday destination you could easily slash your holiday spending, for instance choosing to go Spain instead of Italy this summer could save you a whopping 57% according to the survey.  All of a sudden a holiday on the Costa’s seems much more attractive this year!


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