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You may have trouble getting a babysitter for the next few weeks!

For any of our medical travel insurance customers who rely on Grandparents for babysitting and child care, they may struggle over the next few weeks.  A recent survey reported in the Daily Mail has shown that the most popular date for the over 50’s to get away on a quick sunshine break is this Saturday the 8th September.  With all the schools starting their autumn term this week the over 50’s are taking the opportunity to grab some sunshine now that the beaches have emptied of children.

We would advise any of these travellers heading off over the next few weeks to ensure that they have a travel insurance policy that is suitable for their needs.  If they do take any prescribed medication at all, it should be declared to their travel insurance provider and the appropriate travel insurance with medical conditions bought.

If you are going to take advantage of the kids being back at school and the quieter beaches remember you only have a small window of opportunity, they will be having their half term break in 6 weeks!

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