Breast Cancer in Men


Breast cancer affects around 55,500* women a year, yet only around 370* men per year. For this reason, there is a common misconception that breast cancer can only be diagnosed in women, but the reality is that breast cancer can appear in men too.

Many men are unaware of the signs of breast cancer – or that they can even be diagnosed with this condition.

How to Check Your Breast in Males

Checking for breast cancer should be part of a daily routine whatever gender you are, and can easily be checked at home. To check for any usual signs, simply apply pressure around the breast and under the armpits, looking for lumps or any abnormalities, and squeeze the nipple to check for any discharge. Symptoms to look out for can include a painless lump on the breast, an inverted nipple or the breast abnormally changing shape or size. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important that you get checked, so that you can receive treatment as quickly as possible. 

Finding Travel Insurance After A Cancer Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with breast cancer, regardless of your gender, can be quite a shock. So, it’s no surprise that many people look to book a holiday abroad and take a break from everyday life following a diagnosis. However, what many people find when looking for suitable travel insurance is that the price has massively increased due to their new medical condition, which can mean that finding appropriate cover is much harder.

One of the reasons those with a cancer diagnosis can find travel insurance hard to find is the fact that some insurers can refuse to offer cover due to the increased risk of someone with a medical condition travelling abroad and potentially become unwell while they’re out there. Some insurers also don’t have as much awareness of how the condition can affect individuals and so increase the price of a policy due to the associated risk, which can be a barrier for anyone looking for protection.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the price of a policy or not being able to find suitable cover can cause some people to go on holiday without travel insurance protection, which leaves them at risk of paying out thousands if they need emergency medical treatment while abroad. As well as not be covered for medical assistance and repatriation costs, travelling without protection in place also leaves holidaymakers vulnerable to not being covered for other mishaps that can happen during any getaway, including trip cancellation, delays and loss of possessions, as an example.

We understand that travelling abroad after a breast cancer diagnosis can sometimes feel a little daunting. And finding the right travel insurance protection for your trip can often feel overwhelming. However, it’s so important that if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, that you let your travel insurance provider know as soon as possible, to ensure that protection is in place, where possible.   

Why You Should Choose Insurancewith

At Insurancewith, we believe that, where possible, everyone should have the right to affordable travel insurance, as everyone deserves to enjoy a holiday abroad without having to break the bank when buying travel insurance.

In fact, Insurancewith was created with this very reason in mind. Back in 2005, Fiona Macrae, founder of Insurancewith, was diagnosed with primary breast cancer back after noticing changes in her breast. After 8 cycles of chemotherapy, Fiona wanted to take a break abroad with her family only to find that the travel insurance offered to her cost more than the holiday and that she was bombarded with intrusive and inappropriate questions. This led to Fiona launching Insurancewith in 2010 with the purpose of bringing accessible and affordable travel insurance to the market for people with medical conditions.

Insurancewith is different to other medical travel insurance providers as it uses a bespoke medical screening tool called Protectif. Protectif asks a series of questions during the quote process to get a deeper understanding of the individual’s medical condition and lifestyle. As a result, and where it is possible, Insurancewith is then able to offer a quote that is specific to the individuals’ circumstances.

Insurancewith offers specialist medical travel insurance policies for a range of different medical conditions. After all, we know that not all cancers are the same and that treatment can be different for everyone.

If you’d like to get a quote with us, you can do this online or over the phone with one of our trained advisers. 

Help & Support

Breast cancer, whether in males or females, can be a tough and stressful experience to live through, and no one should feel like they are fighting this battle alone. There are lots of different support groups and charities the specialise in cancer care and are available for those who may have some questions or just need general support.

Here are some support lines that you can get in contact with:

Macmillan Support Line: 0808 808 0000

Cancer Research UK: 0808 800 4040

Breast Cancer Now: 0808 800 6000

The National Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Helpline: 01629 813 000

*Statistics based on information provided by Cancer Research UK. More information can be found here.

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