Travel Insurance is not a luxury, it’s essential

According to travel trade body Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), one in five Britons will jet off abroad this summer without any travel insurance.

Travel insurance is always seen as a grudge purchase and people have a “it will never happen to me” attitude, and therefore risk going abroad without travel insurance, especially if the are only travelling to Europe.
However, going to a foreign country can pose more threats of something going wrong than you would imagine.  For a start there could be a language barrier, coupled with unfamiliar surroundings and should something go wrong, if you fall ill, have an accident, your suitcase goes missing or you have all of your possessions stolen – then you are on your own. Read more
Fighting all cancer donation collection page

Fighting All Cancers Together

Joanne Smith founded Fighting All Cancers Together (FACT) in 2009. Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and after her treatment she organised cancer fundraising and support awareness events, after which  she received numerous letters, emails and telephone calls, saying how much people have enjoyed the events, and how useful they have been to them and asking for more, which is why she founded FACT. Read more

Check, Pack & Go your ready for your Summer Holiday

It is officially summer! And people are looking forward to their summer holiday. With so much expectation tied up in the annual summer holiday it is well worth taking some extra time planning things so everything goes smoothly.

The first thing you should do after booking your holiday is take out travel insurance, if you are taking prescribed medication or if you have an ongoing medical condition look for travel insurance with medical conditions cover. Read more

Travelling After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Planning a girly trip to look forward to and to celebrate the end of cancer treatment can be just the tonic to get you through the gruelling weeks ahead of needles and hospital visits.

Finding affordable cancer travel insurance for the trip may be problematic, however Insurancewith has a specific breast cancer travel insurance policy, which will not only cover all the standard travel insurance things such as cancellation, delayed departure, lost baggage etc., it also  fully covers breast cancer and all at affordable premiums.  Read more

“The new NHS” What will it mean to people with rare genetic conditions?

This was the question at the annual Genetic Alliance UK conference yesterday.  Genetic AllianceUK is the national charity of patient organisations and has a membership of over 140 charities supporting all those affected by genetic disorders. 

With the significant changes that are being proposed for the NHS the concern is those with rare genetic conditions will be left without the support and services they need.  It has been proposed that responsibility of care will move from the Primary Care Trust (PTC) to GP’s, and the worry is that there are not enough GP’s who have specialist knowledge about these rare conditions to effectively support these patients needs.  Read more
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