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Are you being tricked into paying too much for your holiday?

According to a new report by Which? Travel, travellers are being tricked into paying a raft of ‘rip-off charges’ by travel organisations.  The consumer watch-dog magazine looked at 200 tour operators, hotels, airlines and car hire firms.  Some of the hidden costs incurred include premium rate contact numbers and adding surcharges and unavoidable booking fees to pay by cards.
In these austere times everyone is working hard and deserve a holiday, therefore it will come as a disappointment to our medical travel insurance customers that they could be being charged more than needs be.  As we have written about in our previous post on airline charges, research fully before you buy, as the cheapest price advertised is not always what is seems.
According to the report Ryanair had the most expensive telephone number at £1 a minute from a land line followed by Wizz Air at 77p, BMIbaby at 65p and Jet along with Air Malta at 60p.  It was found that Wizz Air had the highest charges for paying by credit or debit card, £7 per person per flight, Ryanair and Aer Lingus charge £6 per person per flight, £4.50 per person per flight and BMIbaby £3.50 per person per flight.
The report also hi-lighted that insurance was automatically included to bookings with Cottages4you, National Express, Saga and Travelodge.  The worrying thing with automatically including travel insurance is that no questions are asked and if the person has a medical condition they are not given the chance to declare it, so they are not able to buy the most appropriate travel insurance with medical conditions cover.
As it’s the end of the month all the emails urging you to take up special offer holidays now you have been paid are filling our in-boxes, but double check that bargain and make sure you are not paying for something that you either don’t want or doesn’t suit your needs.  And look out for those companies with premium rate contact numbers, if you have a query and need to speak to them it could cost you more than the cost of the flight!


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