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Excluding cover for your medical condition

Trying to find affordable holiday insurance for pre existing medical conditions can be difficult, as a result some people opt to exclude cover for their medical condition on their travel insurance policies.
With conditions such as cancer, particularly when all the treatment is completed, travel insurance customers’ reason that they are not going to suddenly get cancer on holiday, and even if they did think something was amiss they would prefer to wait until they got home to see their own Consultant, therefore they consider cancer travel insurance cover isn’t required.  However, when you exclude cover for a medical condition, for example cancer, on your travel insurance policy you are not just excluding cover for the condition, but anything that can be attributed to the condition or the treatment of it.
Side effects from cancer treatment can cause all sorts of health problems which you may not automatically associate with cancer, but the truth of the matter is treatment for cancer can cause health problems, sometimes years after the initial treatment.  Even GP’s are failing to identify conditions such as osteoporosis, heart disease and bowl trouble that can affect a patients’ life for years after they have become free of tumours and/or treatment.  According to Professor Jane Maher, Medical Director of Macmillan Cancer Support, who spoke to The Guardian, “the problem is so common that as many as 250,000 people who have survived cancer have had symptoms or illnesses not picked up by their GP”.
Travel insurance with cancer cover will be more expensive that a policy excluding cover for cancer, however the cost should not be prohibitive provided you use a specialist cancer travel insurance provider.


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