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How will the 2012 Budget cut into your holiday money?

George Osborne has been accused of burying bad news in his 2012 budget; the shocking rise of 10% in Air Passenger Duty (APD) was not included in Mr Osborne’s speech but came out in Treasury papers released later in the day.  The increase will come into effect from the 1st April which will have a bearing for our medical travel insurance customers planning holidays abroad this summer.  A family of 4 travelling to Florida will now have to pay a staggering £260 on top of their airline ticket price in APD, and if they are heading to Spain the APD would be £52. 
According to Visa’s Travel Report 2011 many UK travellers are shunning Europe for further countries further afield due to the pounds continuing weakness against the euro.  However in order to get more for your pound on holiday you’re now going to be hit with the APD hike, it seems like the UK traveller can never win.
Or is this all to ensure the governments “holiday at home” campaign actually works…..


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