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It’s all over!

It has been quite an emotional exciting 2 weeks of London 2012 and now it is all over what are we going to do? When they extinguished the Olympic flame last night I wanted someone to run up with a match and light it again and I was really hoping that Boris would keep the flag and say the home of the Olympics is now London.

Though back in the real world it had to end, and the end has signalled the charge abroad for our medical travel insurance customers, many looking for a holiday to get over the emotional exhaustion of cheering on Team GB and others to carry on the celebrating the Teams success abroad. However, those jetting off should be prepared for a crowed airport, according to reports in The Telegraph, Heathrow will deal with 116,000 departures tomorrow, on an average day they deal with 95,000, and it is expected that the departures will remain around the 110,000 per day for the rest of the week.

For any of our travel insurance with medical conditions customers taking off on holiday, you have 2 weeks before it starts again with the Paralympics starting on 29thAugust.  Now that is really going to be emotional and I can’t wait!

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